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Wolf Hunting & Driven Wolf Shoot

Wolf Season: 1 November - 15 January
Fox Season: All year around
Hare Season: 1 November - 1 January
Badger Season: 1 September - 1 December

Hunting wolf in Europe - whilst wolves are plentiful throughout Slovakia regions they are still elusive creatures and challenging to hunt. Wolf packs roam freely and the remains of wolf hunts for deer can often be seen on the winter ice. Our wolf hunts in Slovakia are organised in several regions with  East Slovakia being amongst the most popular.

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Wolf hunting in Slovakia
Wolf is the largest European canine. In Slovakia, wolf along with the brown bear and lynx formed a group of three largest carnivores. Fox and wild cat belong to the big five carnivores living in the Slovak part of Carpathian maintains. Currently in Slovakia we have sustainable stock of wolves, counting at about 1700 pieces. Its numbers are slightly increasing.

Wolf is a mysterious game and many believe that wolves are the ghost in woods. Many times different stories, legends and myths were born, often beyond the boundaries of imagination. But the truth is such that wolf is a shy animal and avoids people by far. Without the tight hunting laws and game management protection, wolves would have been long extinct in Slovakia.
Fox and badger shooting is easily arranged.

You can choose from a fairy tale castle, a luxury hotel or, depending on the estate being hunted, a traditional hunters lodge.

Licences & Permits
We'll take care of all the necessary paperwork and shooting licences.

Guns & Equipment
Shotguns are used for smaller animals such as foxes, hares, badger etc. The most popular shot guns are 12 bore; but you can also use 16 or 20. For wolf hunting a good rifle is recommended - the most popular being 6.5mm or 7mm calibre. Appropriate cartridges can be supplied upon request.

Clothing. Temperatures in the winter season are cool to cold; November to February ranges from 5° to -10°. If you're in doubt about the most appropriate clothing to wear just call us on +420 608 321 477.


Fox from €25
Hare from €80
Wolf from €1.230
Badger from €180

The Small Print
We cannot confirm hunt dates until the deposit has been received.

Other hunting
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Does the challenge of hunting wolf excite you? To start planning a truly exciting wolf hunting in magnificent surroundings please call us now on +420 608 321 477 or complete this form. We'll be delighted to assist anytime.

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