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Mr. G.L. & S.L. from USA

I would recommend hunting with Jan to anyone!

Big Rams of the Czech Republic By Matt Warner

This story began in 2012 when... 

Thank you very much for a great experience...

Thank you for a very enjoyable hunt.  This adventure caps a lifetime of hunts around the globe for me, making this Eastern European trip to the Czech Republic my sixth continent to hunt.  It was one of the very best, thanks to your efforts throughout. 

CZECH REPUBLIC: Great combo hunt in Czech Republic

The general consensus among friends prior to departing for Prague was that travelling to the Czech Republic was downright crazy. It seems people have a hard time separating countries in this part of the world, with the upset in Ukraine the impression is that the entire region is ready to erupt into war at any second.


Hunting Report Newsletter, USA

Last month (see page 12) we featured a very positive report from subscriber James Poneta about a hunt in Czech Republic with a company called Shooting Enterprise ( That company’s Managing Director, Jan Urban, sought us out at the SCI Convention in Reno to tell us more about the company.

Hunting Report Newsletter, USA

We haven’t had a report on the Czech Republic in a while, so we took note when we heard from subscriber James Poneta about a mouflon hunt he took there in November with Shooting Enterprise Ltd... 

Eastern European trip to the Czech Republic

This adventure caps a lifetime of hunts around the globe for me...It was one of the very best, thanks to your efforts throughout...

Virgin Muflon hunters

Nick and I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in organizing our recent trip...

Driven Pheasant Shooting

We all had a truly enjoyable time, and were most impressed with the quality of the driven pheasant...

Wild Boar stalking

It was a great hunting trip...Michael and two brothers Morten and Lars, came to Slovakia from Denmark. Our services were recommended by their mutual friend Wilmar after his last year hunting trip.

Staggering, sheepish but not boaring

It was my pleasure to welcome Fraser and his lovely wife Claire in the Czech Republic for muflon and wild boar stalking.

Wild Boar Stalking in Slovakia

Thank you for arranging a very successfull hunting trip to Slovakia...

Wild Boar Hunt

What a fantastic time we all had...

Record breaking wild boar hunt & pheasant shoot

It was my pleasure to welcome a group from Norfolk in Slovakia. Not only were the folks from Norfolk excellent shots and broke the shooting ground record in wild boar driven shooting, but they also had great fun exploring the local traditions.

Muflon stalking

Thank you for organising such a superb shooting trip for us. From the very start everything surpassed our expectations, you had paid attention to all the details that go together to make such a delightful experience...

Wild Boar Hunting

I have to tell you that our trip to hunt boar was a great experience. We so much enjoyed the quality of the game, the hospitality, food, the lodge, the organisation of the day by very competent keepers was a real treat...

Driven Pheasant Shooting

Thank you for a most enjoyable week in Slovakia...

Driven Pheasant Shooting

I am sure all of us would agree that we had a most memorable hunting trip. Your attention to detail was outstanding...

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