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Roe Deer Stalking and Hunting

Roe Deer Hunting Season: 16 May - 30 September

Roebuck, Roe Deer, Capreolus, population is increasing not only in Czech Republic and Slovakia but also in Europe. It is due to decrease in predator game numbers.

Roe Deer has a slightly bent back and is not the endurance runner as deer is. In the summer roebuck sports a yellow and reddish-brown coat. As it gets older its head takes on a more greenish color, and its collar becomes thicker and shorter. In winter it changes to a grey color. Roebuck’s legs are long and thin. Its weight reaches around 13-25Kg, and occasionally even more.

Antlers development
A roebuck’s pedicle has already started in the 4th month, and iRoe Deer in Slovakian October the first antlers are showing in the form of small buttons or short and thin sticks of just 2cm. Very soon he starts to pound them out, and after 8-10 months he first sheds them completely. Straight after shedding them, new adult antlers start to grow. A roebuck aged 2-3 years usually sheds his antlers sometime from March through the beginning of May. Adult roebuck, though, shed antlers from the end of October to the beginning of December. With age, antlers get tougher and climax when the roebuck is 6-8 years of age. After that, the antlers don’t grow as large in strength or size.

Hunting Importance of Roe Deer, Roe Buck in Czech & Slovakia
In the close future we plan to have a roebuck population of 175,000 in Slovakia, with up to 20,000 hunted yearly, and in Czech republic around 300,000 Roe Deer. It is one of the most populated game. The strongest trophy was hunted in 1989 in the south-west of Slovakia, and was rated at 183.4 CIC points.

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The Small Print
An advance payment is required once we have calculated the cost of you party but we cannot confirm hunt dates until the deposit has been received.
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