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Roe Deer


European Roebuck habitats are usually leafy or mixed-growth forests, and the ideal place for them is forest mixed with farming land.

Roe deer lifestyle and reproduction in Slovakia and Czech

Roebuck is not as socially-based as deer, and small groups form only through the winter months. The male roebuck is a territorial animal. He claims his territory by marking trees when shedding his antlers.

The rut season runs from the middle of July through the middle of August. In his own territory roebuck looks for a roebuck doe to rut with. Bucks, as opposed to deer, have no herds in rutting season, and are constantly looking for females. One in heat lures him with a soft whistling. He then starts to chase her, which takes some time. The actual act is short, but can happen few times in a raw. Roebuck has a second but sharper rut season which takes place in November for those who did not participate in the first rut.

Calves are born in May-June, after 40 weeks gestation. On average, one or two calves are born but three is not an exception. The mother keeps away from the newborns, to avoid making predators aware of their existence, but she is usually not too distant and will protect them when they are in danger. When they grow up a bit, they stay with their mum through the next autumn.

The roebuck’s hearing and sense of smell are most developed.


Roebuck, Roe deer in Slovakia and Czech consumes leaves and woodchips, which it gets from the forest, but also likes herbs, grass, mushrooms, dates, chestnuts, and anything it can find growing out in an agricultural field.


The worst enemies for the roebuck are larger lynx, foxes, stray dogs, or even wild boar.

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