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A superb week stalking and holidaying on the hunting estate in the Czech Republic...

In August 2016 my family and I spent a superb week stalking and holidaying on the Lany hunting estate in the Czech Republic with Shooting Enterprise. Jan created a fantastic five day schedule which incorporated stalking in the morning and evening with family activities in the day enjoying the cultural and historic highlights of the region.

Jan was a very attentive host and stayed with us throughout our visit, and along with Zdenka who ran the lodge, and the huntsman Ondra who led the stalking, made it an unforgettable experience for me and my family.

The stalking in Lany is second to none, and the experience of being out in the wood at dawn and dusk was exceptional given the variety and quantity of flora and fauna on the estate. Whilst the stalking was excellent, just as important was the opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere of a hunting estate established in the middle ages, seeing the sounders of boar making their way through the forest, hearing red stags roar and watching herds of fallow, sika and red deer running across the open plains. The haunting call of the sika deer in the half light of the ancient trees would always stop us in our tracks as we stalked through the forest as it must have for hunters here for hundreds of years.

During the week we stalked both mouflon and red stags. Mouflon proved a challenging but rewarding quarry and we spent time observing and tracking different groups over two days. With Ondra’s perseverance we were able to take an excellent medal winning animal on the second day. We then turned our attention to red deer and spent two days stalking stags. The size of the stags was exceptional, but the number of eyes in the large herds made the stalking testing. Ondra’s ability to use the ground to bring us up close to the deer provided a great opportunity to observe this great beast in its natural habitat and on the final day the head huntsman Lubos also joined us and after a long and rewarding stalk we took a fine red stag as evening was closing.

Around the stalking Jan arranged a program of excellent family visits and activities which achieved a rare thing; a week of stalking which was also a fun break for my young family. From trips to local castles and parks, horse riding, and a visit to Prague zoo, no effort was spared in creating an exciting week of activities, and my children now also have a much better understanding of Bohemian history and the origins of ‘Good King Wenceslas’!

Overall we had a super holiday and would recommend a trip with Jan for anyone who would like to experience first class stalking, great company and a fun holiday, and don’t forget to take along your children!


James Potts

25. Nov. 2016

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