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Reeves Pheasant Hunting

Reeves Pheasant shooting season: 16 October - 15 March

Walk up Reeves Pheasant hunting, shooting in Czech & Slovakia the heart of Europe.

Reeves Pheasant have been introduced for sport and ornamental purposes to Czech Republic and Slovakia in the early 18th Century. Reeves pheasant built up a substantial breeding population and is released  alongside the common pheasant  for driven shooting. The most spectacularl hunting for Reeves pheasant is on foot wlak up with gun dogs flushing the birds out from shrubs and woods. This colourful pheasant has its rightful place in the in the Guinness World Records book for having the longest natural tail feather of any bird species. It can measure up to 8 feet (2.4 m) long. As the hunter's horn blasts across the landscape the most exhilarating Reeves pheasant shoot of your life begins. Walk up Reeves Pheasant hunting on our managed estates is an unforgettable experience. 

The chicks are fenced at 6 weeks old; when they are old and strong enough to fly over the fence they escape to live in the fields and forest near lakes within the hunting estates - living just as they would in the wild.
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Individual Reeves pheasant hunts in Czech and Slovakia is arranged from single guns to 5-6 guns at one time. It is a walk up hunt accompanied by profesional hunting guides and hunting dogs, retreivers. When they fly it's high and very, very fast. The rich and diverse background allows us to offer truly exciting Reeves pheasant hunting for both the novice and the experienced gun.

The locations are especially beautiful; the contours of the land provide magnificent and challenging sport as the birds soar suddenly and ever skyward.

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Hunting grounds are conveniently situated within a comfortable private bus drive from the closest international airports.
The valleys of the shooting fields sit geographically south part of Slovakia and Czech republic, 130-250 meters above sea level.
The valleys are covered with oak trees, corn fields, pines and a wide variety of plants and flowers. This combines to create ideal conditions for breeding of several animal species (including wild rabbit, hare, pheasant, wild turkey, roebuck, and fallow deer).

A variety of accommodation is available from magic chateaus and luxury hotels to traditional lodges.

Licences & Permits: We'll take care of all the necessary paperwork and shooting licences.

Guns & Equipment. Reeves Pheasant hunting requires shotguns. The most popular shotguns are 12 bore; but you can also use 16 or 20. Appropriate cartridges can be supplied upon request.

Clothing. Temperatures in the winter season are cool to cold; November to February ranges from 5° to -10°. If you're in doubt about the most appropriate clothing to wear just call us on +420 608 321 477.

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Reeves's Pheasant from €70.00

The Small Print

Individuals or small groups.
Maximum number of guns: 6

An advance payment is required once we have calculated the cost of you party but we cannot confirm hunt dates until the deposit has been received. The only additional cost is your ammunition and bar bill.

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