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We haven’t had a report on the Czech Republic in a while, so we took note when we heard from subscriber James Poneta about a mouflon hunt he took there in November with Shooting Enterprise Ltd. a UKbased agency that specializes in hunts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Poneta tells us he is very happy with his hunt and with his CIC gold medal trophy, which scored 224.85. (See photo in the Trophy Gallery).

“The hunt took place in Lany, where the Czech royalty Jim Gold Mouflonhunted for centuries,” says Poneta. Outfitter Jan Urban met Poneta and his wife at the Prague airport, showed them around Prague and gave his wife advice where to visit while Poneta was hunting. Urban then introduced Poneta to his guide, Steffen. Although Steffen spoke no English, Poneta says they worked out an innovative and effective communication system in advance of going afield.

First, with Urban translating, they agreed on the size trophy they were looking for. In the field, when the guide saw a trophy quality animal, he would write what he felt it would score on a slip of paper and show it to Poneta. During the hunt Poneta reports seeing lots of other game, including sika deer, fallow deer, red stag and wild boar. They did not see a lot of mouflon, but when they saw this ram with seven ewes feeding along a creek about 150 yards away, they agreed it was a worthwhile trophy,and Poneta took the shot. Poneta says the mouflon turned out to be 10 points better than Urban had thought possible in the area.

The mouflon live in hilly, forested areas that Poneta says they drove to in a “first class” government truck with a winch on the back. The hunt was conducted mainly on foot, walking through the timber and glassing. But, Poneta adds, “It’s not a really difficult hunt.” After Poneta had taken his animal, the guide called a government official who came out to inspect the trophy and take it to have it field dressed. The government kept most of the meat, but Poneta says they had some backstrap for breakfast the next morning. Poneta also details a ritual the guide performed after he had shot the animal. An oak branch was dipped in the animal’s blood; part of the branch was put in Poneta’s hat, the other part in the ram’s mouth. Urban brought Poneta’s wife and daughter out the next day for a ceremony where Poneta was given a gold medal and the documentation for his trophy. Accommodations were in a twostory chalet with very nice rooms, each with their own bathrooms. Meals were prepared by a wonderful full-time chef.

Following the hunt Poneta says Urban not only helped him find long-lost family that he had never met, but also traveled with them while they visited and acted as interpreter. Poneta gives the price of his hunt as $4,000 with an additional $4,000 in trophy fees.

The website for Shooting Enterprise Ltd. is; telephone is 011(dialing from the US)-44-208-123-0993.



25. Mar. 2011


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