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According to Urban, Shooting Enterprise is based in the UK but caters almost exclusively to US hunters. Urban tells us his goal is to offer all-inclusive prime trophy hunting in both Czech Republic and Slovakia and make an area with 700 years of hunting tradition easily accessible to American hunters.

His services include all licenses and permits (including gun ermits), escort through customs, all in-country transfers, and both pre-and posthunt sightseeing options, including tours of Prague and Vienna with 5-star lodging. Urban personally accompanies all groups. Hunts include all the cultural trappings of the region, starting and ending with traditional horn calls.

Urban offers a range of properties, fenced and unfenced, with hunts conducted on foot or from high seats. Species available include mouflon sheep (of the top 10 CIC mouflon, seven are from Czech Republic), fallow deer, red deer, Japanese sika, European brown bear, wolves and European wild boar.

One of the hunts Urban offers is on the Czech President’s hunting estate near Prague. Hunters enjoy a hunt for top-quality game on a professionally-managed property while non-hunting spouses tour Prague and the surrounding countryside. This is wine country, and wine tours are popular.

Another hunt is centered on the fairy-tale 13th-century castle Cesky Krumlov (, a UNESCO heritage site in the southeastern corner of the Czech Republic. This hunt offers red stag in the 240 CIC class and fallow deer in the CIC 190 class, both of which are above the CIC gold minimum.

Urban also has driven pheasant hunting and big game hunting in Bohemia at Chateau Zidlochovice with luxury accommodations on site. You might think such hunts are priced into the stratosphere, but take a look at the two sample packages Urban has put together for both big game and heasant hunting. For a two-day three-night, 2 x 1 hunt for mouflon based from a hunting estate 30-minutes outside of Prague, Urban is charging 740 Euros per hunter. That’s about $1,042 USD. Meals, transfers, meet-and-greet service, insurance and licenses are all included as well. The cost of the trophy depends on the size animal you wish to take and starts at 230 Euros (about $324 USD). Of course, you shouldn’t expect to pay that for a Gold Medal CIC ram.

For pheasant hunters Urban offers a group package including 500 birds, two nights accommodation at the Zidlochevice Chateau, a black tie dinner and all other meals, insurance and licenses, a personal loader, transfers and meet-and-greet. The cost is 1,850 Euros per gun, or about $2,600.

Urban prides himself on providing a complete experience, including unique and off-the-beaten-track opportunities. “The small details enhance the overall experience on our hunts,” says Urban. “There are many excellent restaurants, but I can recommend one overlooking the Danube with views of castles. I can also direct you to the best shopping opportunities away from the usual tourist traps. I never send clients anywhere I haven’t been myself.”

If you hunt with Urban at any of his properties, please file a report.

12. Apr. 2011


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