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As a ten year old kid, I remember going out shooting with my father, who spent most off his time out in the woods, but at that time it even never crossed my mind that this natural activity would one day became my passion. And it did not came until the change of the millennium we were encouraged by our English shooting associates to explore the hunting possibilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as our native countries. We have spent over a decade in UK and learned through own experience how, and what an English gun required in order to achieve a memorable and successful shoot. Whenever we could we volunteered to help out in a cross-country beards shooting activities be it in England or Scotland. We were prepared to go the extra mile to see, listen, and learn how English shoots are conducted. We are both feeling very lucky, as both of us had a joy of experiencing English style shoots, and can compare to the ones at Czech and Slovakia. In the process we met lots of interesting and friendly, helpful people. We kept sharing our vision to open up to the world, what our countries had in common and how excited it was for us to show the history and traditions we still keep, and practice nowadays. Back in England people where enthusiastic, excited, and sometimes amused to hear our stories we brought back with us. The idea of creating a connection between the former Czechoslovakia and United Kingdom guns had been in our minds for a long time now.

With this sort of background we wanted to combine our traditions with enthusiastic history conservation minded guns, who would appreciate our history. And we feel that is what makes us exceptional from other agencies. We wanted to create something people call nowadays as one stop shop, or a free worry holiday, where hunting enthusiast would be able to choose from deer, stalking, boar hunting, pheasant shooting, and for more adventures offer the opportunity to hunt bear or wolf. Bear and wolfs are protected creatures but for forest management purposes and with planning well in advance we can create an exceptional hunting experience. We didn’t intend to leave it only at that. At the same time be able to listen, understand and match guns requirements with shooting estates. We always ask ourselves the question, “What would it take to create the most memorable hunting experience, to bring back our clients many more times in the future?” We understand how time consuming it is to get a group of guns together especially busy business people. Efficiency with quality is our prime principle. Our team understands the speed, accuracy and efficiency the clients are after. We have incorporated into our products to offer a fully inclusive package, starting with advising on the best flight connections, helping with weapons clearance, meeting and greeting at the airports, transportation to the chosen accommodation, selecting menus or planning activities for non-gun guests. In the winter a roaring fire and live music is always on top of the client’s wish list. One of us accompanies each and single group we take out, so the client doesn’t need to worry about language barrier, and don’t feel as stranded without any help in a foreign country.
Whenever we visited shooting ground, either in Czech or Slovakia we were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm the gamekeepers talked about their passion for the game. Over the past few years the success stories came thick and fast. We were invited to dream castles with great shooting and hunting opportunities around them some of them operating for nearly a millennium.

When clients come and join us, they are pleasantly strained by our deep history and tradition we still keep alive and practise, as our ancestor’s thought us. We are strongly passionate about our history and the fact that we too form a peace of it. We take so much for granted, but at the same time it creates greater atmosphere, and amassment for the clients.

Our mission is to bring those traditions to as much guns, associates and wider audience as we possible can. The reason behind it is why we offer to accommodate guns for every budget.
Our team from the Shooting Enterprise will make the best effort to match guns with their hunting requirements in the field of trophies and other non-shooting wishes the party might have. In the process of research we also find that other non-shooting activities will be of interest to our clients, who often brings their spouses or family members. So we offer a non-shooting entertainment, which can consist of visit to spa, massages, shopping for antiques and other hand made products, or city guides. At the end of the day guns are pleased with the bag, and their family members are pampered in other pleasing activities. In the evening with local cuisine menu, and a roaring fire, guns, and ladies can chat through who had the better time. Good live music is a popular choice amongst our clients. It sets the theme to discus and ask more about traditions which were practised during the day.

Luckily for us the stories are endless, and the conversation and good wine goes hand in hand. Whatever your dream shoot might be, our team will make the extra mile to achieve it. Since we brought over our first group, the company goes from strength to strength. We have experienced that satisfied and happy client will do the biggest advertisement as for our company, country as well as our traditions. We sincerely believe that groups visiting with us will take memories away long after the hunting horns have stopped echoing.

By Jan Urban, MD - Shooting Enterprise Ltd.

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