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Red Deer & Stag Hunting

Red deer hunting season: 15 August - 31 January

Red Deer ( Cervus elaphus)
Red Deer is the the most common Deer in Europe, Asia, North America
The Central European Red Deer ( Cervus elaphus hippelaphus) is light ginger in colour in summer, though darker in the winter. It has a good quality mane and a light rump patch. The length of the male body is 2-2.2m and the tail is 0.15m long. Its skull is 400-420mm long and 165-180mm wide. The weight of the antlers is 6-10kg.

Red Deer Carpathian (C.e.montanus)
The Carpathian Red Deer lives in eastern and south-eastern Europe. The deer’s body is 2.1-2.5m long, and weighs in at 160-250kg. Its skull is 460-480mm long and 185-195mm wide. Its body color is ginger with a grayish color on the chest, shoulder blades, and thighs. Its underbelly is brownish-black. The stag is shorter. Sometimes the deer has very small and light spots around the spine and on the sides of its body.

Red deer in general have a typical body structure for a good runner, with a straight back. However, the shape of its body changes as the game gets older. A young deer is slimmer, and has a longer and straighter neck than an old deer. An adult deer has a wide head with a big dewlap underneath its chin, a wide and short neck, large chest and stomach.

Antler development
A young stag’s pedicle starts when he is six months old. His first antler is mostly a V shape, and its growth is finished when he is14 months old.
His first antlers are shed at around 24 months.
Stags shed their antlers between February and April; the old stags first then the younger ones. They fray their antlers from July through mid-August.
The development of the antlers takes 120-170days

Importance of Hunting in Czech & Slovakia
At the beginning of the last century Slovakia had only 1273 deer to hunt. After the Second World War the population got out of hand and the maximum numbers were hunted in 1991, with a total of 21,793 taken. It is widely known that the best time and the most rewarding time to hunt is in mating season, which takes place from 5 September till 10 October. At the moment we offer around 13,000 deer to hunt yearly. The largest trophy from our estates came from 11-year-old stag with 249.30 CIC score in 1990. Expect to bag over a 240 CIC score stag.

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A variety of accommodation is available from magic chateaus and luxury hotels to traditional lodges.

Licences & Permits
We'll take care of all the necessary paperwork and shooting licences.

Guns & Equipment
Deer hunting requires rifel. Appropriate cartridges can be supplied upon request.

Temperatures in the winter season are cool to cold; November to February ranges from 5° to -10°C. If you're in doubt about the most appropriate clothing to wear just call us on +420 608 321 477.


Fawn from €96
Doe & Spiker from €130
Stag from €450

The Small Print
An advance payment is required once we have calculated the cost of you party but we cannot confirm hunt dates until the deposit has been received.

Other hunting
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