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Our mission is to create a luxury experience in shooting & hunting environment while planning your once in a lifetime experience seamless and fun. Shooting Enterprise represents a new choice in quality luxury castles. One that represents the unique opportunity to make the castle a home whiles you and your party enjoys great hunting opportunities. From planning your entire itinerary, to help to create your own menu, we are here to make your hunting experience satisfying, enjoyable & worry free as possible. It's our reason for being, our passion for what we do.

We are determined to provide the very best of hunting & shooting experience possible - one that sets the standards for the whole industry.

The Zidlochovice chateau is ranked amongst the best preserved hunting castles in Europe, and together with its shooting estates and game preserves it represents a unique experience which continues the hundred-year-old hunting traditions of the area. During autumn and winter mature & well-flying birds make a perfect shoot. Every year hoofed game with outstanding point value is shot. (Mouflon - 235 points, Fallow deer - 190 points, & Red deer - 210 points)

We are pleased to present two castles in Slovakia.
Chateau Palarikovo is famous of its idea to create a uniformed point system to appraise hunting game. The castle is stranded with 50 acre park, and besides mix of pheasant shooting with wild duck shoot it also offers wild boar and mouflon hunting.

Chateau Topolcianky is a great choice for smaller groups, wishing to hunt Wild Boar, Mouflon, Roe Deer & Red Deer. A mouthwatering local cuisine with great hospitality is a standard in this castle & be assured that our staff will make you feel at home.
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