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Castle Topolcianky

The Topolcianky Chateau, formerly owned by Otto von Habsburg is located in very attractive and historically valuable hunting area of Topolcianky’s park. Only one and half hour away from the Bratislava International Airport, in Slovakia.

The castle has a cosy and homey feel with a first class chef, and live music entertainment. On the first floor, dining room can be located, and smoking lounge which is equipped with furniture made of antlers. Walls are decorated with hunting trophies and original paintings with hunting themes.

The hunting Castle offers accommodation in two apartments, and two double bedrooms. Each apartmant has two double bedrooms. All bedrooms are furnished with stylish historical furniture and accessories.

On the hunting estate the best Red Deer trophy to date earned 223 CIC points. On the same estate cast antlers were found, with a value of 249 CIC points. We offer hunts for Roe Deer as well as for Fallow Deer.

Mouflon is another important game present in big numbers. These animals were imported to Slovakia in 1883 and have been traditionaly purebred, thus producing quality breeds. Mouflon trophies easily reach medal trophy. Wild Boar is also abundant, the best trophies are valued at 127 CIC points. For successful individual hunters the choice of dense stalking trail, and plenty of high seats makes hunting game on this shooting estate the more enjoyable. Driven hunts for wild boars with dog chases are also very popular.

In addition to the above mentioned wild game bred on the grounds of the Topolcianky estate, Europian Bisons are also bred here. Currently there are 23 Bisons on 29 hectares.

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