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Bear hunt in Slovakia

Recommended Bear hunting season: September - November*

Bear Hunting. Sun dapples the woods. A soft rustle in the undergrowth, a twig snaps and he's almost on top of you - a huge monster, going for the bait. Bear hunting is one of the most challenging sports – skill, knowledge and patience combine to give you one of the most sought after trophies. In Slovakia the official headcount for bear hunting is somewhere in the region of 1,200 to 1,300. There is no specified hunting season for bears, but it's traditional in spring and autumn. Bear hunting is limited to Slovakia; you'll hunt in the region around Banska Bystrica. The bear might seem at first glance as a very clumsy and slow animal, but in fact they are fleet of foot and good swimmers too. Try bear hunting, and you will find out.

Banska Bystrica
Much of this region is a nature reserve with rare historical and cultural monuments and remarkable architecture. The Low Tatras National Park (811 sq. km.), which is the largest National Park in Slovakia. This mountainous and tree-covered area spreads out to more than 92 kms. The highest mountain in the Lower Tatras is Mount Chopok at 2,024 meters. Its principal attraction, in addition to its pine forests, is the largest group of caves in Slovakia. The biggest cave, the Freedom Cave, is entered at an altitude of 870 meters, conceals extraordinary and mysterious beauties.

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From a manor house to cosseted luxury in the city centre, the available accommodation will suit any taste and any budget.

Licences & Permits
We'll take care of all the necessary paperwork and shooting licences.

Guns & Equipment
For bear hunting you'll need a good rifle. The most popular firearms maker in the Czech Republic is Zbrojovka – Brno. Brno have a long tradition of arms manufacture. Appropriate cartridges can be supplied upon request.

Temperatures in the winter season are cool to cold; November to February ranges from 5° to -10°C. If you're in doubt about the most appropriate clothing to wear just call us on +420 608 321 477.


Bear per kg €40

The Small Print
An advance payment is required once we have calculated the cost of you party but we cannot confirm hunt dates until the deposit has been received.

Other hunting
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