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A hunting lodge, manor house, fairy tale chateau or luxury hotel. Shooting Enterprise Ltd is about discernment, understanding and choice. So when we recommend accommodation as part of your experience you'll know we selected it to meet your precise requirements.

Shooting lodges, manor houses, and chateaus are located on the shooting estates. They're fabulously rustic, steeped in the hunting tradition and adorned with trophies and historic items. They are also very comfortable - exactly as you would expect. We highly recommend the legendary chateaus as being a central part of your whole shooting experience.

Czech and Slovakian cuisine is world famous and second to none. The traditional local country feast will please the most discriminating palate and the local hospitality will bring you back many times.

We also offer a choice of world famous luxury hotels as analternative to legendary chateaus, shooting lodges, and manor houses. These are mostly located in the cities closest to the shooting estates, and provide a level of luxury many of our clients appreciate.

Prices per night range from £30.00 for shooting lodge, £40.00 for a manor house, £95.00 for a double room in a castle and from £260.00 for a luxury hotel. Other accommodation is also available; we'll be happy to offer you a complete choice when we receive your enquiry.

Start planning your party now by calling us on +420 608 321 477 or complete the enquiry form here.

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