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Shooting Enterprise Ltd. is a professional hunting outfitter company specializing in prime trophy game hunting & wing shooting on hunting estates within The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Here are just few points why should you consider using us as your outfitter when hunting in Europe.

We are local and are familiar with the local hunting traditions in The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Playing active role in the Czech and Slovak hunting organizations we can quickly react to ever changing game trophy management, changes to legal requirements and new developments in the hunting, shooting world across the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as in Europe.

Professional hunting guides. All our hunting guides have professional licences to hunt and officially grade trophies by CIC scors.

Traditions in hunting. Hunting in Europe and specially hunting and wing shooting in The Czech Republic and Slovakia has hunting tradition stepped deep in the hunting history. We are very proud to have the privilege to serve such a great hunting heritage and spreading this unique hunting experience.

We make it personal. Hunting in Europe has never been easier. We take the liberty to take care of the full tailor made itinerary of your European hunting trip from the time you land till your game trophy reaches your home. English speaking company representatives work round the clock.

Personalized non hunting activities. Living in the heart of Europe gives us the advantage to personally try out, visiting, talking to business owners and negotiating the best value for our guests.

Exclusivity. Chateaus old several hundred years are arranged exclusively for our syndicates use. This gives the party a home feel and relaxed environment.

Confidence in our services. Over the years we have developed a relationship with different corporate clients who have the upper most confidence inviting their corporate hunting guests and know that the service we provide is nothing less then first class.

Quality control. Before each hunting season we go around and meet the local gamekeepers to discuss new developments on the hunting estate. This gives us the confidence that there are no surprises when our hunting guests arrive. The same applies also for non hunting activities. Restaurant owners, spa treatment personnel or personal city guides are always met in advance to achieve the first class service.

Support Hunting Associations not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia hunting associations but also playing an active role in supporting European and world wide hunting associations.

Responsibility to wildlife. Besides arranging prime trophy game hunts we also have a full responsibility to The Czech and Slovakia forest and game management, keeping in mind the sustainability of our wildlife. Hence the quality prime trophies from the Czech and Slovak forest can stand on the top of the trophy score lists.

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