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A short notice booking to stalk mouflon

“A short notice booking to stalk mouflon and perhaps more, all at short notice, went without a hitch. Excellent company, simple but comfortable accommodation, and wonderful local cooking all hosted by Jan, was perfect as we concentrated on the tasks in hand.

For an experienced UK stalker to have the chance to experience wonderful mature European forest, lots of game, knowledgable guiding and a plethora of really exciting, quality heads was a real treat and well worth the effort (and more than a little sweat in Indian Summer conditions). For any keen stalker I would recommend it.

My first effort at mouflon made it particularly exciting and I had not expected that most opportunities should be thwarted by the sheer volume of game all around us. Enormous quantities of excellent fallow, plenty of boar and gigantic red deer made even a simple stalk extremely challenging.. especially with little wind around. So well done Wiet for getting me in to a lovely silver medal, which I think we earned after 4 days work.

The steep ground was really excellent for boar stalking as well and although a large tusker eluded us, the approaches (and number of distracting sows and young) made it an unforgettable experience. Thank you Jan for laying on a proper sportsman’s adventure. Beautiful, difficult, quite energetic and wonderfully calm.

I hope to return.”

Mark Bullough

18. Sep. 2020

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